"Our business will be until I'm a grown up. And then I'll do it with my children!"

- Amalia, Age 6, President, NYC Lovey Repair

Monday, November 12, 2012

Lookin' Good, Harvey!

Harvey flew all the way from California after a puppy became a bit too affectionate.  He was in pretty sad shape so when he first appeared on the Lovey Repair blog, we only gave you a peek.


Poor, poor Harvey.  We know from past experience that pets go straight for the face.


Not only did the puppy chew out his eyes, but he gave them quite a nibble. Harvey needed a fresh pair of peepers, an eye-patching, and since we had him here, a bath! 

The bath came first, and then a decision - was this the correct new eye size for Harvey?

A little bigger, but so shiny and new!

Then we had to test it out:

 Looking good!

Once we had the eyes selected it was time to patch up that giant hole on his right side.  There wasn't enough fabric left to just stitch it so we needed to graft it from somewhere. And that somewhere was his back seam!  We had opened the seam anyway for his restuffing and bath, and all it took was a little fabric trim - you can't even tell!

See? Didn't hurt a bit!

With some careful stitching, Harvey was back to his old self!

Did you know I could smile? My Owner did!!

Thanks for being such a good patient, Harvey!  We know there's a little girl in California who can't wait to see you, and we're pretty sure you feel the same!


  1. This seriously made my day. The smile on that bunny! You guys are doing such a wonderful thing.