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- Amalia, Age 6, President, NYC Lovey Repair

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

You want to send her WHERE??? (Part 2!)

Last we left Yellow, she was adamantly staying in California.

I'm perfectly comfortable thanks for asking now go away.

Yellow needed some help since she was so loved she wasn't going to last too much longer.


But Yellow and her kiddo owner S would not be swayed, so we did what any Lovey Repair team would do - we coached S's mom through a long-distance repair!

S's mom is a total trooper. It's one thing for us to help a Lovey and another thing entirely for a mommy to take apart and reassemble someone as special as Yellow.  Did we mention that this all happened while S was at school?  We were under a time crunch, and S's mom rose to the challenge.

We helped prepare for the big day by first sending a batch of our favorite stuffing to California:

Too much?  Probably, but better safe than sorry!

Then S's mom got to work!  First, a little bath...

Then some sunbathing!

We had devised a plan where S's mom would iron on some interfacing to strengthen the seams and then sew Yellow up, stuff her, and then they'd be done!  

But instead we got a panicky email from S's mom:
In the process of gently removing her stuffing and bathing her, lots of seams came apart.  I knew it was only a matter of time before she fell apart. So I am done with all of the interfacing and now I am sewing seams from inside and reinforcing others.  My sister picked up my girls and is keeping them out for a pizza dinner.  That gives me a couple more hours to work on Yellow...
Did we mention she's a trooper?? We've never been under the gun quite like that! At least S and her sister got a pizza dinner out of the deal!

After another wait, word came - Yellow was done!
S was not sure that she was happy about the new and improved Yellow (clean, no holes, stuffed). But once we told her that Yellow looked like when she was a baby, she was astonished. She couldn't believe what a difference all of the years made.... They are both in bed now arm in arm :). It's so sweet! 
 Yellow, new and improved!

S's mom, you are officially a deputized Lovey Repairer! Congratulations from all of us (Yellow included!) on a job well done!

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