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- Amalia, Age 6, President, NYC Lovey Repair

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

'Are You My Cat Toy?': A Primer for Felines

Dear Cats,

Hey! Over here!

That's better.

So, this is awkward but we have something really important to talk about.

Ok, Ready? This is Cristy M.:

Cristy M. is NOT a cat toy.

This is a feather ball:
A feather ball IS a cat toy.

Not a cat toy.

Cat toy.

Cat toys.

Cat, and cat toys.

Got it?  Great.  Thanks.

Phew.  Now for the real story!

We received Cristy M. after an embarrassing stint as a chew toy that left her blinded!

Poor thing.  It's not your fault you're so delicious.

Little eyes are hard to find - in the past we've resorted to shopping trips when we visit grandparents, since nothing quite beats a suburban craft store!

When we met with Cristy M's Owner's Daddy, he mentioned that Cristy M.'s eyes were about the size of pin heads.

Pins heads?  We CERTAINLY have those!  Amalia spends most of here non-Lovey repair time making, and we're not kidding here, quilts.

 Quilts use lots of pins.

So we twisted and turned two black pins...

Needle nose pliers and wire cutters are so handy!

And voila!  Two eyes!

We popped them in, gave Chrissy a little surface cleaning, and she's all set for her next adventure!

Don't worry Cristy M., we had a word with the cats.  All of them!

Thanks for visiting, Cristy M! Stay safe!!

Special thanks to Sammy, Nana and Zaidie's cat, for modeling his toy collection.

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  1. Cristy M. is looking forward to her trip to Germany to be reunited with her owner! Now she can see during the flight. Thanks so much Becca and Amalia!