"Our business will be until I'm a grown up. And then I'll do it with my children!"

- Amalia, Age 6, President, NYC Lovey Repair

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Super Bunny's Ready for Action!

Super Bunny is one of our sweetest patients yet!  Just a few inches high, he's kept his Owner well protected for nine years. In all that time he's held up beautifully and only needed a bit of repair on his paws. 

We met Super Bunny at, where else, Forty Carrots (their plain frozen yogurt with wheat germ topping may be the city's best kept secret.  Trust me. - Ed.).

While we usually keep past attempts at repair intact ('love marks,' we call them) the repair to Super Bunny's right hind leg, looked, in his Owner's opinion, like an "elephant foot."

Yeah.  Sorry.  It's totally an elephant foot.

Super Bunny's feet were so delicate that simple mending wasn't enough. In order to properly fix them we opened a small seam, removed the old fabric, turned each leg inside out, and stitched on new satin:

Don't look, Super Bunny!

After gently mending the front paws and delicately reinforcing all of the other seams, Super Bunny is ready to go!

A relieved Super Bunny with new toes, courtesy of Becca, and a custom made cape, courtesy of Amalia.

Thanks for stopping by, sweet Super Bunny!

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