"Our business will be until I'm a grown up. And then I'll do it with my children!"

- Amalia, Age 6, President, NYC Lovey Repair

Friday, November 9, 2012

It's a Full House!

We don't have any completed repairs to share today because so many Loveys are in progress! So, for our loyal Lovey Owners (and readers), here's a little status report on how things are progressing:

First, Cuddles is patiently waiting for a quiet evening of needle work:

Are you tired?  I'm tired.  Wanna cuddle?

He's a delicate soul so we're not planning on doing anything more than some suturing and perhaps some dry foam cleaning.  Sit tight, Cuddles, you're on the list.

Then there's Hearty the blankie, who is also being patient, waiting for us to get the perfect eyelet lace for his edges.

He's hanging out with Cuddles, and we think they make a perfect pair.

Next, Cholly Dolly is under discussion:

I am?

Our instruction was to create a new lovey for a new baby out of two extremely loved Cholly Dollys.  Amalia is advocating for a replica, so we did some research:

A Cholly Dolly in its prime!

We'll come to some decisions this weekend and then get the necessary fabric.  It's hard to find a match for gingham (though it is Amalia's new favorite word - gingham-gigham-gigham) so we may opt for a light blue.  We'll see.

Joey the Clown is here and has been fully washed and re-lined.  Now we need to get some felt to rebuild his face!

The original felt was glued on, but we may stitch the felt this time for a softer feel.

Next there's Harvey the bunny, who arrived today. In three parts.

We'll show you two of them.

Brace yourself:


Oh Harvey - it'll be ok.  We're gonna get you all cleaned up and get those eyes back in your face.  It's a speciality of ours!

And, last but not least, Yellow. We sent the perfect fluff off to Yellow's Owner yesterday:

It arrived today (despite the Nor'easter!) and we're just waiting for the right time to get going on our long-distance repair! UPDATE! Yellow's all better! 

So, that's the latest from Lovey Repair headquarters - stay tuned for the end of the stories!

Photo credit: Toyz Dollz


  1. Thanks for the updates, Becca and Amalia! We know Joey and his fellow loveys are in good hands with you!

  2. Whoa... me and my brother had Cholly Dollies when we were kids! Actually mine was pink and was called Lolly Dolly. But I never knew they were REALLY called that... I thought we just made those names up or our mom did when we were toddlers! Cool beans.