"Our business will be until I'm a grown up. And then I'll do it with my children!"

- Amalia, Age 6, President, NYC Lovey Repair

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Getting Dolly Back on her Feet!

Dolly's Owner E is 5 years old, but don't even think of trying to pull anything over on her.  

Sure, Dolly's feet needed some fixing.

Ok, a lot of fixing.

But E and Dolly are in Pittsburgh and we're in Brooklyn.

What's a Dolly to do?

E was skeptical but Dolly's foot was getting danglier by the day! So, we worked with E's mommy, hatched a plan, and Dolly arrived this morning via Fedex:

Hello, Dolly!

Rather than fix Dolly's feet, we gave her new ones super fast. 

Ta da!

Dolly is already back in the safe hands of the Fedex man, and will arrive in Pittsburg tomorrow!  3 days total of no Dolly?  E's a trooper!  

E, we think you must be a wonderful mommy to Dolly to love her so much she needed to come to see us. Just so you know, we used a really strong fabric so hopefully you'll have many more years of loving Dolly before she needs to see us again.  

Thanks for letting Dolly come for a visit!