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Monday, October 8, 2012

What Holds Those Eyes in Place, Anyway?

A recent question from the mailbag:
I have some stuffed animals that had their eyes removed and eventually, would like to see them replaced.  How do you fix them?  I never understood how their eyes were anchored in their heads!  
Great question!  The eyes are essentially just a nut and washer assembly:

We push the eye through a hole in the face, and the washer (usually plastic) grips the nut from behind.

Eyes can loosen or fall off if the washer comes loose or if the eye hole weakens and enlarges, letting the nut and washer slip through.

We have a nice cache of eyes (thanks, Nana!) - when we need to do a replacement we usually stitch the eye hole to reinforce it, slip the washer in, and then push it tight against the new eye:

Poppy, showing off his new eye (left) and old eye (right)

 It's easiest to do when the lovey is unstuffed, but can be done on a stuffed lovey too.

Mystery solved!

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