"Our business will be until I'm a grown up. And then I'll do it with my children!"

- Amalia, Age 6, President, NYC Lovey Repair

Friday, October 5, 2012

Frayed Fluffy's Fixed!

Our most frequent request is restoring a lovey for the next generation - in this case, a 30+ year old bunny ready for its new toddler owner.  Trouble is, that 70s style plaid cotton just wasn't made to last.

It's ok Fluffy.  You found the right place!

First, a bath.  Then, we needed to reinforce the fabric so we ironed on interfacing to add some structure so the stitches would hold.  This interfacing is a much thinner material than we used on Eeyore, since the plaid was such a fine fabric:

Once he was fully lined, stitching and restuffing was a breeze!


Glad to have you over Fluffy!  Maybe we'll see you in another 30 years!

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