"Our business will be until I'm a grown up. And then I'll do it with my children!"

- Amalia, Age 6, President, NYC Lovey Repair

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cholly's Secret!

Once upon a time, there was a doll named Cholly.  We did some searching, and this is what a regular Cholly looks like:

I'm new and shiny!

But if you REALLY love a Cholly, then THIS is what it looks like:

Times two! That's how much love Cholly got!

Our task was to make a new lovey for the next generation using the loved Cholly as our muse. And so after some careful consideration and swatting, we decided to make a "Secret Cholly."  We used the parts we could, and anything that was extra loved was tucked in side!

Wrapped in batting...

And snuggled in!

With some stitching and stuffing, Secret Cholly was ready to be a lovey again!

Ta da!

We even kept the little tag on the back!

Thanks for coming Cholly and letting us get you ready for more love!

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