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- Amalia, Age 6, President, NYC Lovey Repair

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Good-Looking Good Dreams Bear!

Good Dreams Bear is 40 years old, and is actually in pretty good shape!  His head was a bit floppy, though, because it was on a swivel joint that had broken, and he needed some fresh paws.

You can tell he's a fancy bear because all of his arms and legs can move.

And you can also tell he's old, because the fluff inside him isn't stuffed animal fluff but just scraps of fabric and string.  It reminded us of Scotch!

First we gave Good Dreams Bear a dry foam bath:

Then, we brought him to Mood Fabrics to match his paw fabric.  We took a REALLY close look, and it seemed like originally his paws were tan velveteen.  We hunted and hunted, and first found this:

Close, but not quite

 But then, wayyyyyy back underneath, we found the perfect match!

We patched on the new paws, gave him a good brushing, and Good Dreams Bear is all done!

Thanks for visiting, Good Dreams Bear!

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  1. Good Dreams Bear and his family are in your debt. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Lovey Repair!